Southern Illinois University

Southern Illinois University

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Southern Illinois University, located in Carbondale, is one of the most comprehensive public universities in Illinois. It is the anchor instituton of the Southern Illinois University system, a multi-campus university.The history of Southern Illinois University dates to 1869, when Southern Illinois Normal University began with 12 academic departments. In 1947, the state legislature renamed SINU to Southern Illinois University.In 1970, Southern Illinois University’s campus, known as Southern Illinois University Carbondale, was separated from its satellite campus in Edwardsville.The Southern Illinois University Carbondale includes the College of Agricultural Sciences, College of Business and Administration, College of Education and Human Services, College of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts, College of Science, the Graduate School, School of Law, School of Medicine, and College of Applied Sciences and Arts. Through those colleges and schools the university offers a wide range of programs, including bachelor's and master’s degrees in a variety of majors, professional degrees in law and medicine, and doctoral degrees.In addition, the university offers distance education programs, continuing education programs, and military programs at bases throughout the country.The Morris Library, located on the university campus, holds more than 2.4 million volumes, 3.1 million microform units, and more than 12,500 current periodicals and serials. In addition, the Law Library has a well-rounded collection of current and historical materials.The university’s museum is committed to collect, preserve, research, and exhibit a wide range of artifacts reflecting the arts, humanities, and sciences. It offers opportunities in the practice of museology and provides leadership and assistance for museums throughout Southern Illinois.Southern Illinois University also provides several residential options in a safe and affordable environment. Students can choose from residential halls and apartments.

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