Dionysos Timeline

Dionysos Timeline

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  • c. 1350 BCE

    First evidence of a cult to Dionysos in Mycenaean culture.

  • 700 BCE - 600 BCE

    Temples are built in honour of Apollo, Demeter and Dionysos on the island of Naxos.

  • 600 BCE - 550 BCE

    The Dionysia becomes a major Athenian festival in honour of Dionysos.

  • 600 BCE - 300 BCE

    Dionysos appears on the coins of Naxos, Mende and various other Greek city states.

  • 447 BCE - 432 BCE

    The east pediment of the Parthenon includes a reclining statue of Dionysos.

  • c. 405 BCE

    Euripides in The Bacchai has Dionysos tell us how the tympanon was invented by him and his Mother Goddess, Rhea.

  • c. 330 BCE

    Dionysos is represented as an infant in the arm of the Hermes of Praxiteles statue.

  • c. 150 CE - c. 200 CE

    A small temple dedicated to Dionysos is built at Dion.

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