Hotel Rules for 491st Bombardment Squadron, China

Hotel Rules for 491st Bombardment Squadron, China

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Hotel Rules for 491st Bombardment Squadron, China

Here we see the rules at a hotel somewhere in China, probably near Yangkai in China, where the 491st Bombardment Squadron was based from January 1944 until September 1945. They are quite revealing about the problems of a wartime hotel!

1 - No Professional Girls admitted to this hotel
2 - Please check your room at 12 o'clock noon
3 - No Reservation will be accepted without one day's notice
4 - No Girls will be allowed to Bathe with Gentlement
5 - Bath Service will stop at 11 O'Clock PM
6 - Please Keep Silent from 11 O'Clock PM
7 - Our main entrance will strictly be closed and locked at 12 O'Clock Mid-night
8 - Bus Tickets when sold no claim for refund shall be accepted

These pictures come from the collection of Sydney Lester, who served as a Staff Sergeant in the 491st Bombardment Squadron (341st Bombardment Group). Many thanks to his son Ron Lester for providing us with this pictures.


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