Orion: the oracles (BD)

Orion: the oracles (BD)

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Born from the fertile imagination of Jacques Martin, Orion, a young citizen of Attica, who first appeared in September 1990, was almost his first hero. If "Alix won", the author will explain having hesitated in 1948, for the newspaper Tintin, between his Gallo-Roman hero of the time of Caesar and an Athenian of the time of Pericles ... However, the lover of civilizations ancient people had a clear preference for classical Greece, as much the cradle of our civilization as it was a tormented period ...

When he created the character of Orion, the author of Strasbourg origin was 69 years old. This series contains all the “Martinian” codes: a documented historical context, an adventure story, theatrical graphics, realistic reconstructions, harmonious colors.

The Sacred Lake is the first episode of the series, and the last album entirely produced by Jacques Martin then suffers from an eye disease. Christophe Simon will complete the two following volumes, Le Styx in 1996 then Le Pharaon in 1998, before sliding into the Alix series. At least four other synopses (The King of Kings, Syracwa, The Spy of Carthage and The Messenger of Athens) were yet ready.

The Oracles, a promising new start for Orion

Orion represents the ideal of Jacques Martin. With a shapely head in a perfect body, this idealist is thirsty for justice and freedom. Trained in architecture, sculpture and philosophy, he embodies classical education. This charismatic young patriot perfectly wields the sword and a bow that can be transformed into a whip. Orion is also a hero in love with a young Spartan slave, Hilona, ​​whom he delivers from her yoke before being betrayed by Pericles for dark reasons of state. Jacques Martin, who died on January 21, 2010, will not see the finished work.

End of the 5th century BC. The city of Athens is besieged by the army of Sparta that Pericles fears to face on dry land. To consolidate his strategy - take shelter behind the enclosure and attack by sea - he sends his wife Aspasie to seek the advice of the gods. But the secret mission is surprised by opponents, at the ankle with the enemy. While leaving to join the Allied fleet from Athens to the island of Corcyra, Orion meets Panaïotis, a teenager who tells him about the Necromantion, a sacred place where it is possible to come into contact with the dead. They decide to go together, but ignore that they will find themselves at the heart of a plot where the fate of Athens is played out ... A suspenseful intrigue as much as a treasure hunt with riddles, this episode anchored in reality history and Greek mythology also makes it possible to follow the initiatory journey of Orion's new companion. Marc Jailloux was able to find a clever follow-up to the adventures of this hero, which he puts in images in a style faithful to Jacques Martin. With carefully detailed plates, it pays homage to its favorite author, while modernizing the narration and the coloring.

Marc Jailloux, in the continuity of Jacques Martin

Born in 1973 near Bordeaux, Marc Jailloux awakened to comics by discovering the Franco-Belgian classics. Thanks to his drawing club in Cestas, he met, at the Angoulême festival, Jacques Martin who dedicated The Last Spartiate to him in 1987. After a bachelor's degree in visual arts, he joined the École du Louvre in Paris in 1991. He studied for him. specializes at the École des Gobelins in storyboarding. He began professionally in 1994 in cartooning before being hired by one of the main video game publishers. However, the desire to do comics remains intact. He published two albums in a fantastic vein, Le Château de Monsieur Sangsue at Pointe Noire in 2002, then Necrolympia on a screenplay by Stéphane Beauverger at Panini in 2005. But the real click came during a new meeting with Jacques Martin in Paris in April 2005 and the discovery of his original boards in the context of an auction. This is what he wants to do!

Marc Jailloux then seizes the opportunity to join Gilles Chaillet's workshop. Jacques Martin's former collaborator took him on as his assistant for volume 4 of The Last Prophecy, then the Vinci diptych. At the same time, Marc Jailloux, fond of ancient Greece as much as "child of Alix", embarks on the writing of a new adventure of Orion. In 2008, he presented his project, which was enthusiastically received by the editorial committee. The master himself encourages the young author. More than twenty years after his birth, Orion returns with a fourth episode in January 2011.

Orion: The oracles, by Marc Jailloux, after Jacques Martin. Casterman, January 2011.

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