Jade name: origin, history, etymology and meaning

Jade name: origin, history, etymology and meaning

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Green in color, this gemstone is widely used in China. The first name Jade was launched in Great Britain before being successful in France since 1990. Feast on June 29, with Saint Peter.

Origin and etymology of the first name Jade

Borrowed from the Spanish ijada (flank stone), derived from the Latin ilia (flank), jade was supposed to protect against renal colic. For a very long time, but still today, many people believe that each gemstone cures a specific disease. Agate would relieve stomach ailments, blue sapphire would cure eye diseases and protect against accidents, ruby ​​would act as an antidote against all poisons, etc. This belief stems from the fact that therapeutic virtues have almost always been attributed to any rare and expensive product: this was the case with coffee and tea when they were introduced in Europe.

Use and popularity of the first name Jade

In Great Britain, Jade was used in the course of the 1970s. In France, Jade was adopted in the course of the 1970s under the influence of English and was quickly appreciated; it is part of a restricted set of first names taken from names of precious material. No celebrities wearing or having used this first name to date.

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