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Wagner College - a competitive, four-year private college - is located on a hilltop overlooking Manhattan, the Atlantic Ocean and New York Harbor in the borough of Staten Island, New York City. The college is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.Founded in 1883, Wagner College has developed a curriculum that unites deep learning and practical application. Wagner sits on a 105-acre campus on Grymes Hill - a classic turn-of-the-century oasis - that was once the exclusive domain of families like the Vanderbilts and Cunards.The campus has 23 buildings, which include the Spiro Sports Center, Spiro Hall and Computer Center, and the Horrmann Library. It also has a football stadium and athletics fields.Wagner offers a comprehensive educational program that is anchored in the liberal arts, experiential and co-curricular learning, interculturalism, interdisciplinary studies, and service to society. The College’s undergraduate curriculum provides all students with a common core of knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences.Its five graduate programs - Biological Sciences, Business, Psychology, Sociology and Theater - attract students who demonstrate deeper degrees of competence in their chosen areas of study. Each of the graduate programs focuses on the theory and knowledge of the discipline while concurrently applying these to the profession and the community.In addition to its academic facilities, Wagner College also arranges honor programs and study abroad programs. The most recent addition to Wagner's campus - the Spiro Sports Center – was completed in 1999, and provides athletic and recreational facilities for all members of the Wagner College community.Other facilities and programs available at Wagner are the Dining Hall, Wagner College Store, Wagner College Gallery - including work by regional artists, faculty, and students.In addition, Wagner College's theater program is among the top college theater programs in the world.

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